Hauling Services in Vernal, UT


When you demand rapid, reliable haulage for water, gravel, the clear answer is Target Trucking, Inc. We operate 24 hours a day, providing transport services to customers throughout Utah. We’re equipped with the trucks and drivers to take on jobs that hotshot truckers and other companies just can’t.

Water Hauling

We work primarily with oilfields when it comes to water hauling in Vernal, UT, transporting fresh water to your jobsite for water injections and other crucial processes. We’re familiar when it comes to navigating jobsites and work quickly to provide water deliveries directly to your on-site storage containers.

Gravel Hauling

When you need gravel delivery in Vernal, UT from one jobsite to another, give us a call. We work with construction sites and other developers to transport gravel quickly and efficiently. Please note that we do not sell gravel—we’re strictly available for transport.

Transport and Cleanup

We deal primarily with flammable liquids, however we can also handle other volatile liquids as needed. Please note that we do not work with acids.

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In addition to hauling liquids, we’re also available for cleanup of these materials. Armed with vac trucks, we can quickly clean up oil, gas and flammable liquids where required. Our crews work diligently to restore your jobsite to a clean, safe standard.

Brine Delivery

In addition to water and gravel hauling, we also deliver brines! Our brines come directly from our sister company Ouray Brine and are delivered to you with rapidity and reliability. Consult with us today about pricing and logistics.

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For more information about our hauling services or to get in touch with us at any time, day or night to discuss your hauling needs, please contact us today at 435-789-5756.

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